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2024 New Year Challenge


This challenge is your blueprint for body optimization! Get ready for 30 days of scientifically-based movement programming designed to help improve function, reduce pain, and enhance aesthetics. As an added bonus, connect with a supportive community of like-minded women who are all in this together.

Challenge Progress

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Don't Forget to Take Your Progress Photos!

Celebrating progress along the way is a big part of what we do here in the MA Warrior Community.

Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle takes determination, and even the subtle changes along the way are worth celebrating. When you look at yourself in the mirror every day, many times you miss the small changes that are happening (that will add up to big results!).

Progress photos help to encourage you along the way!

I would like for you to take a starting progress photo and save it to submit with your after photo at the end of the challenge using the link below. When you submit your photos, please submit each angle as a side by side collage, like the examples on the left. Feel free to also post your progress along the way in the community groups!


Challenge Prizes

By participating in the 2024 New Year’s Challenge, you get a chance to win great prizes! 

Three winners will each receive:

  • (1) $250 Cash Prize
  • (1) TRU Supplements Bundle ($150 Value)
  • (1) MA Equipment Bundle ($80 Value)

*We will choose one winner for each of the categories:

  • Best Transformation Fat Loss
  • Best Transformation Lean Muscle Gain
  • MVP Community Participant

*NOTE: We may award additional prizes at our discretion for extraordinary participation and results! Be sure to tag us using #trutraining #mawarior #phase1challenge

Important Dates

Now – January 22: Registration Open

Registration for the Challenge will open now and will stay open through January 22, the official start date of the Challenge. If you plan on doing this Challenge, enter during this time window.

January 22 – February 18: Time to Commit to Yourself!

Once you’ve registered for the Challenge and have received your workouts and meal guides, it’s time to stay consistent. Don’t forget to take your starting measurements and progress pics.

This Challenge is only 4 weeks, so it’s important to stay focused and work towards building the body of your dreams. And by doing so, you’ll get a shot at winning the Grand Prize, or prizes for the other top places.

February 18 – February 25: Final Submissions

The 2024 New Year Challenge officially ends on February 18, and you’ll have 7 days to take and submit your “after” pictures and be eligible for the Grand Prize… So MAKE SURE to get your after pictures taken and submitted by this date.

On February 25, we’ll close the contest for submissions and our judges will begin going through each challenge entry. It’s a tough job. We’ll be considering all aspects of the transformation — not just the pictures.

March 1 – Winner Announcement

On March 1, we’ll announce the winners of the Challenge on this page and on social media. Be sure to stay tuned to see if it’s you!

Advanced Body Transformation Bundle

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Note: The TRU BCAA in this bundle is the 30 serving size.

TRU Muscle Building Bundle

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Note: The TRU BCAA in this bundle is the 30 serving size.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will start as a community on January 15, but if you join later, the challenge starts on the day you join!

This is a 4-week program.

Phase 1 is the first stage of a progressive programming plan that involves 6 phases. Each phase builds on the prior phase and is a scientifically-based movement program designed to help improve function, reduce pain, and enhance aesthetics. By the end of phase 6, you would be moving like an athlete!

This is technically a gym-based program. You can modify it for at-home if necessary, but understand that a few exercises will take a little bit of creativity. In general, you will need: Dumbbells and/or kettlebells, barbell (optional), med ball, physio ball, cable machine, bench, loop resistance bands (the short booty band version and long version for pullaparts), and a foam roller. A glute-hamstring machine is also incorporated for a few exercises. If doing this program at home, you would need something that you can stabilize your feet under while on your knees and a pad for your knees.

If you would like a program that compliments this challenge but can be done completely at home, I recommend you begin with my Elevate 1 and Elevate 2 programs first. 

Yes, all fitness levels are welcome!

Focus on building habits during these 8-weeks and create realistic expectations. You aren’t going to dramatically change in one week, but by using the method that I have taught for 10+ years, you will build habits that bring change bit by bit. Doing it this way will allow you to keep your results long-term because your habits direct your life!

So, focus on these areas: consistency in movement, meals, hydration, and sleep. That’s it! Show up for yourself every day and you are going to be absolutely amazed at what happens. As a side note, do yourself a favor and push yourself in every workout! This is how you will maximize your results. 

Depending on your starting point, adaptations can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. This is a program that you can repeat and still see results. You may begin to see adaptations in your strength and aesthetics quicker than that, but results will vary with each individual. Remember, every person has a different movement history, health history, and metabolism, so try not to compare your results to others. Focus on performance in this program, and the body will follow. 

Yes, but in this community we focus on body recomposition. What I mean is that we are focusing on optimizing your body to its full potential. If you have excess fat to lose, that is included in the equation, but the way it works is that we focus on building muscle, increasing performance, and cleaning up the nutrition. By building muscle, you will naturally burn more calories at rest each day. By increasing performance, you will burn more calories in each workout and also build more muscle. By cleaning up your nutrition, you will reduce inflammation, balance hormones, and heal your metabolism. In this way, the fat will naturally shred off and your body will begin to optimize. 

Absolutely! Your meal plan includes a healthy swap guide that you can use to add variety or to switch out something that’s not your preference.

One common question asked is if you can mix up the meal plans, such as eat a breakfast from one and a lunch from another. In short, if you are wanting to stick to the suggested amount of calories in each meal plan, follow the weekly menu as is (with the exception of swapping out an ingredient for which you’ve already compared the macros). Each menu is designed looking at the overall calories/macros for the day. If you are wanting to swap out an entire meal, this will just take some homework on your end to compare the macros of both meals and ensure they are similar.

No. It’s important to remember that on active rest days, your body is still doing the hard work of building muscle and needs the appropriate fuel! You don’t have to worry about storing excess calories. If you are putting in the work on your movement days, your body will use the food you eat on your rest days for this muscle building and recovery.

If you miss a workout, pick right back up where you left off. Don’t skip ahead in your program because the workouts are progressive. 

Though not necessary, this is up to you and it depends on your fitness level. Guage how you’re feeling at the end of the first workout and don’t push yourself to the point of complete exhaustion or you could risk injury.

No, you do not need supplements. However, they can enhance your results, provided you are following the whole foods meal plan. My company, Tru Supplements, is dedicated to bringing you some of the highest-quality supplements out there that pair well with the MA lifestyle. View the suggested Muscle Building Bundle Here.

Progress photos are an amazing way to track your progress! Though not necessary (unless you are competing for the grand prize), they can encourage you on your journey. When you look at yourself in the mirror every day, you may not notice changes right away. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. However, by comparing progress photos, you can see the change more clearly! I also encourage taking progress videos. Take videos of those movements that you are struggling with during the first weeks and then take videos of those same movements later in the program or if you do another round, and let the progress motivate you to keep pushing forward!

The grand prize winner is based on two things: progress photos and group participation. Put the work in and challenge yourself in every workout, then jump on the platform and share your progress, connect with other warriors, and help others along their journeys, too! This is the sign of a leader. We are all in this together, so let’s push and motivate each other to make a true lifestyle change and see that transformation that each person desires!

You have a few options after Phase 1 is finished! You can choose to repeat the program for another 4 weeks, or you can move on to Phase 2 of my 6-Phase System. 

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Train Like Me: Phase 2 is LIVE!

For those of you doing the Train Like Me: Phase 1 Challenge, get ready for Phase 2! This program is now live on TRU Training and is available through our All Access Membership (or get permanent access to the program by purchasing it separately)!

We will start Phase 2 on Monday, 2/19

For those who have not yet tried the Train Like Me program, we invite you to start with Phase 1 on Monday via our All Access Membership!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at:  support@tru.training

Más Vida is Moving!

We are excited to announce that Más Vida has partnered with TRU Supplements to bring you TRU Training!

Through TRU Training, we are bringing you even more fresh programming and education to help you continue becoming the best version of yourself!

To all of our members and subscribers, you may now login to your account on the new website to view your content. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at:  support@tru.training