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Day 6 – Yoga Flow

Equipment Required

Yoga Mat

Yoga Block (Optional)

Circuit 1

  1. Stand with eyes closed for 1 minute, set your intentions
  2. Tadasana 1 minute
  3. Left vrksasana, 1 minute
  4. Right vrksasana, 1 minute
  5. Tadasana 30 seconds

Circuit 2

  1. Arms overhead to forward fold
  2. Lengthen spine
  3. Arms overhead, palms to center
  4. Arms overhead to forward fold
  5. Lengthen spine

Circuit 3

  1. Step back to plank, hold 5 full breaths
  2. Shift into child’s pose
  3. Come up onto fingertips, crawl fingers to your right
  4. Breathe into left ribcage, hold 10 full breaths
  5. Crawl fingers to your left
  6. Make your way to tabletop
  7. Circle body clockwise 8 times
  8. Circle body counter-clockwise 8 times
  9. Cat-cow 12 times
  10. Bird-dog left arm with right leg, hold 10 full breaths
  11. Bird-dog right arm with left leg, hold 10 full breaths
  12. Cat-cow
  13. Lift knees to bear
  14. Shift to down dog, hold 5 full breaths
  15. Reach left leg to single leg down dog
  16. Tuck left knee into chest and shift into low lunge
  17. Shavasana for 2 minutes


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