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Day 2 – Recovery

One Hour Foam Rolling and Stretching Total Body

Foam rolling is very similar to getting a deep tissue massage. It assists with the mobility of the fascia, which is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles in our bodies. Without proper mobility in the fascia the fibers can become attached to the nerves causing you serious pain.

Foam rolling helps relieve tightness in the muscles so when you stretch you are actually increasing your range of motion which makes your workout more beneficial.


You can choose running or jogging if you’re at home. If you’re at a gym setup, you can use the elliptical, treadmill, spin bike, or stationary bike.

Choose a medium to moderate intensity for 30 minutes.


Train Like Me: Phase 2 is LIVE!

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We will start Phase 2 on Monday, 2/19

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