Staying Motivated When You’re Advanced

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If you’ve been working hard at your fitness routine and have seen great results, it’s only natural to want to keep that momentum going. But as you get further along in your training, you may start to feel bored with your workouts. After all, you’ve probably mastered the basics and are now working on more advanced moves, but even that can seem repetitive because, as we know, to progress requires repetition.

So how do you stay motivated when you’re no longer a beginner?

#1) Keep Your Routine Fresh

One key to staying motivated is to keep your routine fresh. If you’ve been doing the same workout for months or maybe even a few years, it’s time to switch things up. Try adding different style of movement or something you’ve never done before to your routine.

One idea is if you usually lift weights and stick to the same style of routine, try adding in a fun plyo HIIT routine or add some challenging cardio elements to your workouts like jumping rope or burpees. You can even include a day where you do something totally out of the box like kickboxing or dancing and try to master that new way of moving.

The body and brain thrive on challenge. Consider adding in speed ladder work that requires that you remember and perform patterns or try obstacle course training (climbing a rope, trying to get across an obstacle course hanging from rings, or scaling an inverted wall can be a humbling process for even an advanced fitness connoisseur).

You may also try finding some challenging group classes. Working out with others can bring a refreshing atmosphere because, of course, we were made for connection. Something amazing happens when people are pursuing a goal together!

Whatever you do, changing things up can bring a fresh fire to your motivation!

#2) Set New Goals

Speaking of goals, another way to stay motivated is to set new, specific goals that are truly challenging and will push you to progress. Maybe you want to increase the weight you lift or improve your 5K time. Whatever it is, to increase your chances of follow through, make sure your goals are hard, realistic and achievable, and then share those goals with someone for accountability!

Here is an example: say you’ve come pretty far in your training, but you’re still unable to do pull-ups. You can set a short-term goal to be able to do one real pull up in 30 days and a long-term goal to be able to do 5 pull-ups in six months. Find (or create) a pull up program or routine that will help you build up the strength with a good foundation.

One final note on setting goals is that pursuing a goal with a friend or a group greatly increases accountability, so find someone interested in reaching that goal, too, and go after it together!

#3) Share and Educate!

Lastly, don’t forget to share your fitness knowledge with others. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and one of the most rewarding things you can do is help others who are just starting out. When you share your passion for fitness, it can be motivating for both you and the person you’re helping. It truly is better to give than it is to receive and nothing is quite as gratifying as pouring what you have benefited from into someone else’s life. You just may be the key that inspires them to stick with it and not give up!

So, if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, remember that something as simple as adding a fresh element to your routine, setting a challenging goal, and helping others along their fitness journey can prevent you from becoming stagnant and further fuel your passion for health and wellness!

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  1. Yess!! all of these !! Also switch up your playlist add a few new songs and or make a new playlist the switch up in routine sometimes be just the spark u need to ignite the motivation again


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