Booty Program

USD $99.00

Get ready to build your lower half the MA Warrior way. This program and every MA Warrior program is designed to teach you how to be healthy and reach your goals in a sustainable way. This guide has been highly requested for many years as most women want to build glutes that are subjectively rounder, bigger, and tighter, but also a lower half that is toned.




What you get with the program:

  • 60 Day Program w/ a 3 day a week glute & lower body workout schedule.
  • Program separates your week into a squat dominant workout, a hinge dominant workout , and hybrid dominant workout.
  • Full follow along workout videos with movement tutorials to help you perform movement properly

What you will learn through this program:

  • How to train effectively to achieve results and never plateau.
  • You’ll rely on simple equipment that will enable you to feel confident around the gym or at home.

Equipment Required:

Mat, Knee pad/pillow, bench/chair, stepper, dumbbells/kettlebells, resistance bands, loop/booty band

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